What is a Gunite Pool, and Why Should I Want One?

Constructing a pool can seem like a daunting task, whether you’re building it in your backyard to enhance your property, or if the purpose of the pool will be commercial. However daunting, it’s also so exciting! You’ve probably already begun to imagine yourself sitting poolside this summer, sipping a cold drink and dipping your toes into the cool water.

The process of building the perfect pool

Knowing about the process that goes into building your pool will help put your mind at ease, as you prepare to have your backyard transformed. There are different types of materials to choose from when planning your pool, but one of the most common is gunite(sometimes called shotcrete). One of the perks of choosing a gunite pool is flexible design and customizable aesthetic appeal.

But what is gunite? Gunite is a concrete blend consisting of sand, cement, and water, that will be applied using a high pressure hose. After digging the design for your pool to your specifications, we’ll install a steel structure. This ensures the shape of the pool, that it will remain sturdy, and it will withstand the cold weather when the ground is freezing and expanding, and will even last through earthquakes without cracking apart and causing costly repairs. This steel frame is set on concrete blocks, so it doesn’t actually touch the ground, which gives room for the earth beneath it to move naturally without destroying your backyard oasis.

Structurally sound

After the steel cage is in place, the gunite is applied. The gunite will be carefully sprayed using a high pressure hose across the entire structure, creating thick walls and floor. The incredible thing about gunite is that it is a dry mixture that is fed into the hose, and it mixes with water at the nozzle, before spraying out. This ensures a perfect mixture every time. Gunite is very versatile, and will create contours among the depths of your pool, creating an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy structure.

Once the gunite has cured, plaster is carefully applied over it, to keep the surface smooth, and also locking in the durable concrete mixture beneath it. The plaster is composed of cement and marble dust, which yields a smooth finish. This plaster is what makes your pool waterproof, to prevent deterioration and damage.

A Gunite Pool has a unique structure

What makes a gunite pool a good option for the future of your backyard is the combination of steel, concrete, and plaster, coming together to create a strong and sturdy pool or spa, that will outlast other designs and keep your backyard looking fresh and relaxing for seasons to come.

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