Robotic Pool Cleaners & You

Remember when hiring a pool boy seemed to be the only way you could get away with not picking up a skimmer net? Oh, the good old days. But now you don’t need to daydream about calling the local pool cleaning company. There is a better way.

Look, we get it, taking the time needed to clean your pool before you jump in is not always the most exciting part of pool season. But having a clean pool is a necessary evil. What if we were to tell you that there was a way to get the bulk of pool cleaning out of the way? Well, there is — cue in the robotic pool cleaner.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Also called an automatic pool cleaner, a robotic pool cleaner is a small, self-contained unit that basically does all the pool cleaning for you. There are a variety of different pool cleaners. Every robotic pool cleaner offers various features that can make cleaning your pool more accessible than ever before. But what is the difference between robotic pool cleaners and other types of automatic swimming pool cleaners? Let’s discuss.

Robotic Pool Cleaner vs. Other Types

There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners: robotic, suction, and pressure.

Robotic pool cleaners are powered by an independent power source separate from the main pump system and filter. They can automatically self-navigate and have a self-contained cleaning filer that essentially skims your pool sucking up debris. Robotic pool cleaners can also have unique features including surface skimming, algae removal, dirt control, and wall cleaning.

Perhaps the main downside pool owners have with robotic pool cleaner is the initial cost, however factor in the time, energy, and effort that it reduces, and the benefits outweigh the cons.

The main difference between robotic pool cleaners and other types like suction-side cleaners and pressure-side cleaners is that these other cleaners utilize part of the central pool system to clean the pool.

Suction-side cleaners use a suction action to traverse the walls and floor of the pool randomly but also reduce the power of the pool’s filter system because of the major draw on it. However, these type of cleaners have a proven track record and are pretty inexpensive.

Pressure-side cleaners use a secondary pump to suck up debris. Both the suction-side and the pressure-side cleaners are heavily dependent on the swimming pools main pump and filtration system. The main disadvantages of these types of pool cleaners are the additional use of electricity, the effort and time needed to attach the device to the ports that connect to the pools main pump and filter, and the added maintenance.

If you are considering buying a robotic pool cleaner for your outdoor or indoor pool, here are the top three most recommended choices.

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

This Amazon bestseller is one of the most recommended robotic pool cleaners on the market. From the powerful dual scrubbing brush to the smart and efficient programming, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the automatic pool cleaner you need for all of your debris cleanings.

What customers say about the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus:

2. Dolphin Premier Robotic

Dolphin must be doing something right because customers love their products. The game-changing swivel system and Smart-Nav software deliver coverage for a new level of clean. This product also offers up to four types of media, dual filter cartridges, and an oversized bag to make pool cleaning easy.

What customers say about the Dolphin Premier Robotic Plus:


3. Polaris F9550 Sports Robotic

Polaris 9550 is a 4-wheel drive robotic cleaner that combines innovative engineering and intelligence for a truly impressive pool cleaner. The 9550 Sport features oscillating brushes that scrub away stubborn dirt and stains and vacuum technology that allows the filter to pick up larger debris quickly while maintaining maximum suction.

What customers say about the Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic:

If you need additional help finding your robotic pool cleaner, contact the swimming pool experts at Intermountain Aquatech today. We are happy to help pool owners in Utah and throughout the United States.

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  1. Robot pool cleaners save time and effort, and their advanced technology ensures a sparkling clean pool every time. Worth the investment!

  2. Remember when hiring a pool guy seemed to be the only way you could get away with without picking up a skimmer net? I stumbled into your blog and I adore the information you provide about this topic. I long for the days of yore. However, you may finally put an end to those idle fantasies of calling the pool service in your area. You can do this better. Many thanks for your fantastic blog.

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