Which Pool Fits Your Lifestyle

Have you thought about installing an inground pool recently? If you have, you’re not alone. Over 10.4 million residents have been exactly where you are right now. But, the next question on your list is which pool is the best fit for your family? Follow this go-to guide to find which type of pool is the right pick.

Do you want the best?

Then, a concrete pool is for you.

Commonly referred to as gunite or shotcrete pools, concrete pools offers the ultimate amount of flexibility. Known as higher-end pools, concrete pools have an interior finish that’s either white plaster or colored. You can also pick from a variety of finishes including quartz, pebble, or smooth glass. Don’t want to stop there? Concrete pools can also be customized to include an infinity edge, perimeter overflow, or a customized bar. These are the pools that we offer to our clients because we know how well-done and longer-lasting a gunite pool is compared to the rest.

The downside of concrete pools is the price. However, since this is your best option, working with our pool specialists, you can find what works with your budget. Whether it’s a cheaper finish or leaving unique elements out—you’ll get the right fit.

Do you care about customization?

Consider a Vinyl Liner Pool.

One of the perks that draw buyers in the most with vinyl liner pools is the complete customization it offers. While there are three different types of vinyl liner pools, the most popular materials are the steel wall and cement wall pools. Combined with the vinyl liner, these two materials can be shaped and styled into just about any dimension you want.

However, if you live in an area with a high-water table or doesn’t hold water well, a vinyl liner pool isn’t your best option. The vinyl liner is limited due to the pinning/ locking system used during assembly giving it a shorter lifespan than other pool types.

Are you looking for quick installation?

Fiberglass Pools offer the fastest installation time.

Many people believe that fiberglass pools are the best type of pools. Why? Fiberglass pools offer quick installation and low long-term maintenance costs. They also come in at a reasonable purchase price for consumers and in the most popular styles.

While the one-piece production of a fiberglass pool benefits you regarding installation time, it also means it can’t be customized like other pool types. The limit size, shape, and color of fiberglass pools can often turn people away initially but working with a pool specialist you can find one that works for you.

So, which pool should you get?

Talk to a specialist.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.


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  1. How great that you talk about how fiberglass pools are considered the best a lot of times. I am building a new home with a pool this year. I will find a reputable fiberglass pool service in my area to help.

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