Financial Costs of Owning a Swimming Pool

Besides the upfront cost to purchase and install a pool, there are a lot of monthly costs associated with pool ownership that most people don’t think about.  There are electricity costs associated with heating the pool, chemical expenses, maintenance and more.  It is important to be aware of monthly costs associated with owning a pool before you decide to buy.  If you do not properly maintain your pool, the costs to repair broken fixtures will be greater than the monthly maintenance costs.

Electricity Costs Of a Swimming Pool

Expensive Backyard PoolThere are a lot of things in a pool that require electricity: pumps, heaters, lights, etc.  The typical cost of running the necessary pool equipment monthly ranges from $80-$100. Of course, you can always cut down on electricity costs by not heating your pool as much, covering your pool to protect it from the elements, and keeping your pool filters clean and working efficiently.  

Pool Chemicals & Maintenance

Pool chlorination chemicalsPurchasing the necessary chemicals to keep your pool algae and pathogen free can range from $20-40 per month.  Of course, the most common chemical is chlorine, but you may need to purchase hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate or baking soda to properly balance the chemicals in the pool. If you find algae growing in your pool, you will have to fork out more money to purchase algaecide to kill the algae.  The cost to repair broken pool equipment is around $20 per month.  Hiring a professional to come out and clean, maintain chemicals, or repair your pool can cost anywhere from $100-$300 per month.  On average, swimming pool maintenance (including chemicals) costs about $170 per month.  

Swimming Pools Raise Your Insurance 

Typically, insurance costs increase when you install a pool.  Many insurance companies refer to pools as an “attractive nuisance”, a liability that increases injury, death, and trespassing.  The cost increase on your insurance can be $50-$75 per month.  Some insurance companies require that you build a fence to protect your pool, or will not allow you to have a slide or diving board.  However, some insurance companies allow your pool to be covered under your typical homeowners policy.  It is always important to check what your additional monthly insurance increase will be before installing a pool.

Financial Benefits of a Pool

Pools Make MoneyEven though a swimming pool can be costly, it also can be beneficial.  With a proper business license, you can teach swimming lessons in your backyard and earn some extra revenue during the summer months.  Owning a swimming pool also increases the value of your home.  Depending on where you live, your home’s value can increase between 5% and 15% from owning an in-ground swimming pool.  


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  1. Thanks for helping me understand that we can cut down the electricity cost of the pool by turning off the heating and not using it that much. I hope I can hire a pool remodeling service this month to have it renovated. One of the things that I want to do with it is to have easier access to its heating, so we can easily turn it on and off if we want to lower our bills.

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