Finding a Swimsuit in the Winter in a Hurry

attractive young female model in sunglasses and swimsuitFortunately, swimming isn’t always reserved for the warm summer months. If you’re going on a vacation, love the spa, or just love swimming for fun at indoor pools, you won’t be able to wait for winter to be over to buy a swimsuit, which is unfortunate, because that seems to be about the only time most stores are stocked with them. If you need a swimsuit in a hurry, there are a few places you can look.

Not all of these options are guaranteed, but they are definitely worth a try! To expedite the process of finding a swimsuit, check store websites or call before you visit the physical store to make sure they have swimsuits in stock at the nearest location.

Shop Online

If you don’t need it for a few days (or if you don’t mind paying for expedited shipping) buying a swimsuit online is a great option. There are plenty of websites devoted just to selling swimwear year round. The only downside is that you can’t try it on, though most swimwear websites have extremely accurate sizing charts to help you find the right fit. However, if you’re a hard fit, we recommend avoiding online purchases.

Check Indoor Pools

Many indoor pools, resorts, spas, and recreation centers sell swimsuits year round in their gift shop. They may not be the most stylish options you can find, but if you need something in a hurry, this is your best bet. You might as well take a dip in the pool while you’re there too.

Try Swimsuit Stores

These little shops are most common in warm weather areas, but you can find them in some cooler climate areas as well. Search for the closest swimsuit store online and you might be surprised how close it is.

Sporting Goods Store

If you don’t mind the sporty look, you can almost always find swimsuits in sporting goods stores. These swimsuits will probably be intended for dedicated swimmers who need speed, so they probably won’t be as cutesy as something you’d find in a swimsuit store. Not to mention, you’d be hard put to find a bikini in the winter, but if you need it in a pinch, this is a great place to shop!

Department Stores

This option may take a little searching, but you can probably find a swimsuit year round at major department stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Macy’s. If you don’t see any after combing the store, ask a salesperson if they have any in the back. You’re much more likely to find the hottest styles in a department store, and if you’re lucky, it won’t take very much time at all!

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