Fun World Records Involving Swimming Pools and Spas

For whatever reason, breaking world records has always seemed a worthy feat for the human race. You can make a world record in just about anything and the Guinness Book of World Records will record it for you. The same goes for world records involving swimming pools and spas. Some of these records are venerable, others just seem silly, but it doesn’t make it any less fun! Check out some of these records:

Deepest Swimming Pool

In 2004, the world’s deepest swimming pool opened for business in Uccle, Brussels, Belgium. At its deepest point, the pool is 108 feet deep.

Longest Duration Juggling 3 Objects Underwater

Though it may sound silly, you’ll find this in any book of records. Zdenek Bradac from the Czech Republic gained this title when he managed to juggle three objects underwater for a grand total of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Largest Swimming Pool

If you measure it by area, the world’s largest swimming pool can be found at a resort in Chile. It’s 3,324 feet long and takes up almost 20 acres of land. This record-breaking pool opened in 2006.

Most Underwater Rope Jumps

In the fall of 2001 in Montauk, New York, Ashrita Furman jumped rope 900 times underwater in the Gurney’s Inn swimming pool.

Largest Spa Resort

The Mission Hills Haikou spa resort in China currently holds the record of largest spa resort in the world. In 2012, the total area of the establishment was measured at 176, 284.16 meters, which is the equivalent of 953,750.56 feet.

Largest Skinny Dipping Group

As a charity event for Marie Curie Cancer Care, 413 people went skinny dipping in South Wales in 2011.

Most Nude People in a Hot Tub

307 people squished into a large hot tub at the Paradise Lakes Resort in Florida.

Largest Wave Pool

If you love boogie boarding but don’t live near the beach, you could always visit Thailand, home of the largest wave pool measured at 149,389 feet.

Largest Gathering of People Wearing Swimming Caps

This event organized in Georgia was actually supposed to break the record for the largest polar bear dip. However, since so many of the 2,049 people present were fully clothed for the event, they didn’t qualify. They were probably mollified, though, when they broke this record instead.

Most Consecutive Push-Ups in a Hot Tub

While in a hot tub, holding his breath, Michael Brown did 40 consecutive pushups. Impressive.

World’s Largest Swimming Lesson

With more than 30,000 swimmers, pools around the world came together to create the record for the largest swimming lesson in the world.


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  1. the moust swiming pools swang in a day! ? i know of more than 50pools near by my country house and i can bet ya! i can swimthem all in a swifft!!

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