Swimwear Trends for Men

While the calendar says that there is still a little bit of spring left, most of us would agree that since we’ve observed Memorial Day, summer is officially here. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, grills are sizzling, parties are moving outdoors, and the swimming pools are open. Whether they’re community water parks, municipal pools, or backyard retreats; water features are open and gathering a crowd. If you went to break out your swimsuit and realized that it hasn’t been updated since, say 2001, its probably time to make a change.

To choose a swimsuit that is in style and won’t look like you’ve been wearing it for multiple presidential administrations, here are a few tips to remember:

Baggy is out. Loose-fitting shorts are a thing of the past. If you’ve got a pair of trunks with legs that are at least twice as big around as your thighs, it’s time to retire them. Instead, opt for a pair that are closer fitting, with a more tailored look. Not only will you avoid looking like you’re wearing your older brother’s shorts, the closer-fitting style will give you more freedom of movement in the water because you wont have extra fabric around your legs weighing you down.

Trunks have gotten shorter. Chances are that those baggy shorts we mentioned above are also long, perhaps even to or past your knee. Along with shorts becoming more tailored, they have come up a bit in length. Most trunks have an 8-inch inseam or so. This allows your thighs to get a little sun and is more slenderizing than a pair of long board shorts that can make you look like an awkward tween.

Choose shorts that have a fly. Other than being convenient, wearing shorts with a fly helps when you’re getting out of the water. No matter what you do, a suit that is wet will cling to your skin. Trunks that have the structure of a built-in fly have extra fabric and seams that can help keep the things that you need private stay a little more private.

Go for the flat front. Trunks with a gathered waist visually add on the pounds. Choosing a flat-front style will reduce the added fabric bulk around your waist and give a slimmer, more tailored line.

Prints are in. While you might want to pass on the fire-breathing dragon, it’s okay to go bold in your patterns. Tropical prints are almost always in fashion for men’s swimwear. Likewise, stripes and nautical themes are never out of place poolside. If you’re going to go for a bold print, you’ll be drawing attention, which is great, and firming up those abs can make the attention feel even better.

So are solids. If you just can’t do the prints, or you’re a bit self-conscious about your weight, solid-colored swimwear is always in style. Solid colors are particularly great for men who want to stay a bit more conservative, or who want the help of a darker color to help camouflage a few extra pounds.

If you’re still having trouble deciding whether or not you’re making on-trend choices in swimwear, go for a walk in the mall, or browse the websites of companies who have a reputation for offering stylish men’s apparel. Seeing what they’re featuring will help you make more stylish choices.

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