Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot water and health benefits have long been synonymous. The tradition of healing waters traces back to pre-historic times. The very first hot tubs were natural springs whose unique nature and mysterious properties prompted most cultures to view them as mystical healing sources.

Today, much of the mysticism is removed, and many of us bathe in tubs and pools instead of natural springs. However, we still look to heat immersion and water buoyancy in order to promote good health benefits. Not only will you find direct physical health benefits from your hot tub, but emotional and social benefits will overlap with your health, and create a general overall better life!

Social Benefits

When you install a home hot tub, you’ll organically spend more time with your family and loved ones. Everyone loves a hot tub, and time spent outdoors together is a treat for us at any age. There’s something unique about the atmosphere of a hot tub. It’s comfortable and yet exciting, social and yet peaceful. The unique setting enables great conversations and connections, which can have far-reaching effects in our health and relationships.

Emotional Benefits

There are also significant emotional benefits of a hot tub. When you make it a part of your routine to relax in the hot tub, you’ll find a significant reduction in the amount of stress that you’re carrying around. Setting aside a quiet time to think, meditate, and escape from the weight of your day will help you find clarity and calm. Additionally, there’s one of our favorite things about home hot tubs: the setting! Spending time outdoors, (especially during the cold season when we seldom get a chance to go outdoors,) can have significant impact on our mood. Numerous studies have found that time spent outdoors improves our cognition, our relationships, and relieves stress and depression.

Physical Benefits

Hydrotherapy and heat therapy have been shown to be helpful for certain conditions. Some doctors will even recommend and prescribe time in the hot tub in order to relieve symptoms of disease. Here are some specific situations in which you can receive health benefits from a hot tub:

Arthritis: The Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water therapy in order to relieve pain and improve flexibility for people who suffer from arthritis. Warm water buoys the body and spine, relieving the burden of gravity that we carry throughout the day. The warmth also relaxes the muscles and improves circulation. For maximum benefits, it’s recommended to move during warm water therapy, doing mild stretches in order to further relax the body.

Insomnia: The National Sleep Foundation recommends a bedtime routine in order to promote healthy and effective sleep each night. This routine is further enriched by an evening soak in a hot tub or warm bath. Not only does warm water help us relax before sleep, but as your body’s temperature comes down after your soak, it imitates the body’s natural cooling efforts to help you fall asleep.

Post-Workout: After an intense workout, our muscles are often sore and tight. A soak in a hot tub can help muscles to relax and prevent stiff, achey muscles later. The soak also improves circulation to the area, which can prevent lactic acid buildup.

Beyond these specific indications of hot tub health benefits, it’s important to note that better sleep, improved circulation, and reduced stress can benefit us in every aspect of health, lowering risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and chronic pain.

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  1. It stood out to me when you said that spending time in a hot tub improves our mood by providing clarity and calm. I’ve been feeling really stressed ever since I got a promotion at my job last month. I’m excited to talk with my husband about the idea of getting a hot tub for the emotional benefits!

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