Why Are Swimming Pool Tiles Blue

One of the first questions people ask when looking into buying their own swimming pool is which tile color they should use. Glance over at your neighbor’s swimming pool and chances are they have blue swimming pool tiles. Drive down the street and look over the fence and that homeowner’s pool is probably blue as well. But why are swimming pool tiles blue and what other tile color options are available?

Let’s look at everything there is to know about pool tiles so that you can pick the right option for your new swimming pool.

Why Most People Choose Blue Swimming Pool Tiles

Most swimming pool owners choose blue tiles for their pools to match the color that reflects the sky’s blue color. Blue is also a highly desirable water color. In fact, many vacationers search for countries surrounded by blue ocean water and white sand beaches.

Blue tiles are also a popular choice because it appears cleaner to users rather than green tiles and darker plaster. Most people avoid green because it is an indication of algae or pools that are lacking the proper chemical balances. Other people avoid dark greens and browns because that represents dirty or moldy areas.

Take for instance the viral swimming pool instance that happened during the Olympic games in Rio.

Blue Tiles In Olympic Pools

Source: Pinterest

Many onlookers wondered if the Olympic hosts purposely turned the color green or if algae had spread its wings. After some investigation the FINA, the international governing body for swimming, found that the water tanks had run out of water-cleaning chemicals resulting in the green color.

No matter the cause, it’s clear which swimming pool looks a lot more appealing to the average (and even Olympic) swimmer.

Other Popular Swimming Pool Tile Colors

While blue tiles are the most popular choice among pool owners, other popular choices include white tiles or plaster. White swimming pool tiles are another choice that reflects blue when filled with water thanks to the reflection of the day sky. Plaster is a great economical choice that also emits a cleaner look than other color options.

While most pool owners opt for a blue tile, that doesn’t mean you should limit your options. There are plenty of patterns, colors, and fabric options available at Intermountain Aquatech. You can also use a mix of tiles to get a unique look for your pool including glossy red, gold, snowflake pattern, ceramic pool times, glass mosaic pool tiles, and more.

Find Your Perfect Match

Intermountain Aquatch is one of the leading swimming pool installers in the industry. Working with our team of experts you can find the swimming pool and tile match-up that fits your home perfectly. We can also outfit you with other pool tile accessories and water-cleaning chemicals to make your pool clean all year long.

Find your pool’s perfect match by contacting Intermountain Aquatech and setting up an appointment at our store today.

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