Pool Smart Phone Apps

The Pool Calculator app does all the complex pool calculations for you. It tells you the exact amount of chemicals you need to keep your hot tub balanced. All you have to do is input the volume of your hot tub and your current chemical test results.

The Pool Cloud helps you keep up with maintenance. It has video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, chemical calculators, maintenance reminders, and even cloud-based storage of your entries.

Insta-Link is an app that turns your smartphone into a test strip scanner. You take a picture of the test strip, the app then reads it and tells you which chemicals need to be added.

Pool Boy Pro is a great way to keep you from forgetting all your hot tub maintenance tasks. It includes multiple calculators and charts for you to keep track of everything.

The Pool Doctor can help you keep up with and adjust the chlorine, bromine, salt, pH, total alkalinity, calcium, hardness, and even cyanuric acid levels. It also stores all your past treatments.

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