Opening Your Pool For Summer

  1. INVENTORYTake an inventory and stock up on all your chemicals and supplies early Spring. You’ll be much happier doing this before the season starts—it will save you a lot of time.
  2. POOL COVERClear any leaves and debris off your pool cover to save yourself a lot of work. Clearing off the cover will be much easier than cleaning out the pool water.
  3. FILLYou can use a garden hose to get your water up to the correct level. The water should be two-thirds of the way up to the skimmer faceplate opening.
  4. LEAKSAfter the water has reached the correct level, you can start the pump and check for leaks. If you spot any, mark them and then turn the pump off to make repairs. Once you’re leak-free you can let the pump run non-stop for the season.
  5. CLEANGet any debris off the bottom of the pool. You can use a skimmer, vacuum, brush, or rake. Once you’ve cleaned up, start the filtration system and vacuum.
  6. LEVELSGet all your chemicals to the correct levels, then add algaecide and shock the pool. There are five chemicals to stay on top of:
  • FC – Free Chlorine
  • PF – Acidity/Alkalinity
  • TA – Total Alkalinity
  • CH – Calcium Hardness
  • CYA – Cyanuric Acid

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