Pool Cleaning

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean in Utah

Keeping your swimming pool clean can be a difficult and nagging task. Follow these simple steps to make it easy.

  1. Don’t swim if you have stomach problem or diarrhea. Although this sounds obvious, you’d be surprised how many people swim when they are not feeling well. Without being gross, let’s just say that the end result can end very badly for everyone in the pool.
  2. Always shower before and after you go swimming. Keep your pool clean by keeping yourself clean. If you’re dirty when entering the pool, you’ll just make the pool dirty. It’s not rocket science. It becomes especially bad when large groups of people go swimming during get togethers, BBQ’s and get togethers. Also, once  you’re done swimming, be sure to shower to get all cleaning agents out of your hair and off of your skin.
  3. Don’t swallow any pool water. Don’t understand why? See #4.
  4. Make sure children take bathroom breaks often. If your kids are swimming for more than 30 min. it is almost guaranteed that they will urinate in the pool. Remind them to leave the pool and take a bathroom break. Especially important if your having a birthday party or any other get-together with large amounts of children at the pool.


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