The Caldera Difference

Stepping into a home spa or hot tub is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day, but not all home spas and hot tubs are created equal. A high-end spa will maximize your spa experience with a broad range of features tailored for ultimate relaxation.

Here at Aquatech, we take pride in offering only the best spas and hot tubs for your home. Caldera Spas is an industry leader in home spas that offers both innovation and value. Here are just some of the high-end characteristics that you can come to expect from quality spas like those from Caldera.

Maximum Comfort

Uniquely contoured seats give our spas an added measure of comfort that simply cannot be matched. As you are cradled in comfort, you can enjoy the benefits that come from a simple soak, or you can turn on the spa’s powerful jets to relax the muscles—without you having to battle the effects of buoyancy. The spas we offer are designed to give you a full-body massage when you need it, relieving muscle tension and leaving you both relaxed and rejuvenated.

Premium Features

It’s the details that set the spas that we offer apart. Seats are not simply contoured; they have a deeper, hug-like design that allows you to fully experience the warm, massaging waters. Jets are configured to give you a targeted massage when you need it, hitting those areas that are most likely to experience soreness and pain. One touch controls and an auxiliary control panel make changing spa settings easier than ever. Convenient accessory features such as steps, hand rails, cover lifters, and umbrellas make for the ultimate stress-free experience. And entertainment options like integrated MP3 or a wireless multi-source sound system make your spa the ultimate place to host guests.

Beautiful Style

Our spas are built with aesthetics in mind. The truly great design of these spas adds to the experience and allows them to beautify any space they occupy. For the spa’s exterior, you have your choice between tumbled stone and high-end wood paneling for a look that perfectly suits your backyard space. For the interior, you’ll enjoy smooth, flowing lines, sculpted jet recesses, and ergonomic controls. You can even opt for colored interior LED lighting to truly personalize your spa experience.

Reliable Build

All of the spas we carry are built to run at top carefree performance for years to come. Energy efficient circulation pumps help conserve energy and reduce impact on the filtering and heating systems. Easy water care features allow you to change bromine and mineral cartridges effortlessly so that your water is always sparkling. Heaters, pumps, and interior and exterior materials are always sourced from the best of the best.

See the full line of Caldera Spas that we offer on our spas page, or visit our conveniently located Utah showroom to experience them up close and in person.

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