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Splash continues to serve as the industry standard by offering more shapes, sizes, and depths than any other above-ground pool seller in the market. Furthermore, Splash Superpools continue to service more and more commercial customers by providing aquatic products that meet the unique demands of our customers, regardless of the pool’s intended size or use. These above-ground pools enable customers everywhere to enjoy the versatility of swimming pool ownership. You are able to set up your pool during the warmer months of the year, and storing it during the colder, winter months.

Splash Superpools

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Splash Superpool

We have a 17×29 foot Splash Superpool. We bought it because they are the only ones who didn’t freak out when we told them we were going to have dogs in it all the time. (Splash is the official pool of DockDogs.) We have only had it for one season, … Read More

Jan - Fargo, ND

Splash Superpools

Will begin the 5th season for my Splash Super Pool. Am moving it and having landscapers make a ground level pad with rigid foam covered by geo tech cloth. The pool is easy to maintain though the sides move so need to be cognizant of deck placement and step installation. … Read More

Katie - ND

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