Pool Tips

Creative Ways to Exercise in Your Pool

Doing laps aren’t the only way to exercise in a pool.  There are many ways to trim fat in the convenience of your backyard.  Read on for six backyard pool exercises you can do to burn calories in such a fun way that you’ll barely realize that you’re exercising.  

Planning the Perfect Barbecue

With the beautiful spring weather on its way, your Big Green Egg cooker is just waiting for your throw off the cover and host a weekend barbecue (sometimes spelled barbeque or BBQ)!   Invite your neighbors and friends for a barbecue that they will never forget.  Use our six tips below to throw the perfect barbecue. … Read More

Protect Your Hot Tub During a Storm

Springtime is a time for renewal.  Birds migrate back north, trees grow again, and flowers bloom.  It is a great time to be alive.  Unfortunately, it also is a time of storms.  There is a reason why rhymes such as “April showers bring May flowers” exist.  If you are expecting a torrentuous spring storm, make … Read More

When Should You Open Your Pool?

You’re probably wondering, as many pool owners do, when the best time to open your pool is.  Of course you don’t want to open your pool too early and risk freezing your lines, but you also don’t want to open it too late and discover that your pool is an ugly black algae lagoon.  So … Read More