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Chemicals and Chemistry: Know Your Hot Tub’s Needs

Chemicals and Chemistry: Know Your Hot Tub’s Needs Purchasing a hot tub is a large investment – one that you want to enjoy as long as possible. Keeping your spa clean and sanitized is the best way to see that investment pay off for years to come. Here’s our cheat sheet to hot tub chemistry … Read More

Arthritis Relief and the History of the Hot Tub

Ever since the first person stumbled across natural geothermal hot springs, humans have believed in the healing power of a warm water soak. Although early mythology attributed the healing qualities to supernatural or divine influence, modern science has found that there’s a legitimate scientific foundation for the idea. This is especially true for arthritis.

Benefits of Having an In-Ground Custom Spa

If you’re familiar with us, then you probably know that we delight in offering Utah homeowners beautiful above-ground spas by Caldera. But what you might not know is that we also do custom in-ground spas to go along with residential pools. Are you considering having an in-ground custom spa designed and built at your home? … Read More

Roman Baths and the Hot Tub Tradition

The history of hot tub soaks goes back a long way, predating the historical record, even. Early man bathed in natural hot springs for cleanliness, healing, and even worship. However, the ancient Roman Empire took it to a whole new level.

Can a Hot Tub Help Your Workout?

Workouts and hot tubs have long been paired together. After all, isn’t that half the reason that gyms and rec centers feature hot tubs? Well, it’s true that hot tubs can provide benefits to your workout, but timing is essential. Although you’re probably tempted to slip into the hot tub immediately following your workout, there’s … Read More

Japanese Onsens and the Hot Spring Tradition

In a couple years, the Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan, which means millions of foreigners will get to experience the joy of the Japanese onsen, or public baths. A closer look into the Japanese onsen tradition will show us how hot tubs can connect to culture, community and health.

Spa Party Tips

One of the best things about a hot tub is using it for entertaining and hosting. If you’re ready for a special themed party around your hot tub, here are some ideas for an amazing girls’ spa night! Step 1: Set the Mood If you’re going for a relaxing spa environment, there are a few … Read More

Now that you’ve finally decided to spring for a hot tub, all of your family and friends are excited. After all, you’re not the only one who benefits! But, before you bust out the party favors and buy your new bikini, it’s time to take care of some practical details. Taking a few steps to … Read More

Today we’re sharing some more tips for one of the best hot tub activities: conversation games. Conversation games require nothing but you and your friends. A fun atmosphere to chat and share is also a must, and the hot tub is the perfect place! Last time we talked about Truth or Dare, Dealbreaker, and Never … Read More

Conversation Games for Hot Tubs (Part 1)

There’s something about the hot tub that creates an intimate, congenial atmosphere. Some of the best conversations that I’ve had have been in hot tubs. Especially when it’s dark outside, it kind of has the slumber party effect, where you feel safe and brave about sharing more about yourself. If you haven’t experienced the magic … Read More