Hot Tub Tips

Never Mix Hot Tubs and Alcohol

Hot tub parties are all the rage.  Everyone wants to take a dip in a relaxing heated pool with their friends after a stressful day at work.  Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the dangers of combining alcohol and hot tubs and add booze to their party refreshments.    Read on to discover why you should never … Read More

#TBT Summer Pool Adventures

In the middle of January, it seems like the summer will never come back.  The cold weather and endless snow seems to kill all hopes of the warmth and joy of the summer months.  While it may seem bleak and depressing, think back, and remember last summer and how wonderful it was.  Campfires, barbecues, picnics, … Read More

What to Do About Cloudy or Milky Hot Tub Water

While hot tubs are fairly easy to maintain, sometimes they are not the perfect paradise we hope they would be.  Nearly every hot tub owner will experience cloudy or milky water at some point in time.  However, fixing this problem is quite easy.  Once you understand the causes of cloudy and milky water, you can … Read More

Hot Tub Safety Tips

We are all concerned about safety.  How to keep your home safe, how to arrive safely at your destination, teaching your kids stranger danger, etc.  Naturally, you are concerned about being safe around your hot tub as well.  Your spa is a wonderful, relaxing place, but if you are constantly concerned about safety, the comfortable … Read More