Pool Tips

Keep Your Pool Open This Winter

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you have to shut down your pool!  Why own a swimming pool if you can only use it for ⅓ of the year (if you’re lucky)?  If you properly take care of your pool, you can keep it open through the snowy winter months and take a … Read More

Hot Tub Rash: All You Need To Know

Hot tub rash goes by many names: spa pool folliculitis, hot tub folliculitis, dermatitis, and pseudomonas folliculitis are just a few.  It is classified by a series of itchy, red bumps along the skin that can look like chicken pox, and white inflamed blisters along the hair follicles that look like pimples.  It is common … Read More

What is Hot Tub Lung?

You might have heard about health problems associated with hot tubbing, one of the most common being hot tub lung.  Hot tub lung produces asthma-like symptoms that can be life threatening.  However, hot tub lung does not come from every hot tub, it actually comes from a certain bacteria that is found in poorly-maintained hot … Read More

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

When shopping for hot tubs, you will quickly find that there are several factors that can affect the final price of your dream spa.  And while we would love to provide you with some sort of online price calculator, the reality is that all pricing is set at the local market level.  Which means the … Read More

Top Rated Hot Tubs

Looking for a hot tub?  Don’t buy one without reading this article!! So you’ve decided to get a hot tub. Good for you!  You will soon be soaking and relaxing in style, and regretting every other day that you didn’t have a hot tub to call your own. As you’ve probably already surmised from a … Read More

Common Pool Cover Problems

The winter months are harsh on your swimming pool — especially if you have a cheap pool cover.  If your pool cover has problems, they need to be fixed immediately, or else they can lead to many other problems in the future, particularly when it is time to reopen your pool in the spring.  Below … Read More