Have you ever spent a day in the pool only to come home with red, itchy eyes that burn? It is not that uncommon. In fact, most people believe that if their eyes are burning while swimming in a pool, it is due to the chlorine in the pool. Red, irritated eyes usually go hand … Read More

Remember when hiring a pool boy seemed to be the only way you could get away with not picking up a skimmer net? Oh, the good old days. But now you don’t need to daydream about calling the local pool cleaning company. There is a better way. Look, we get it, taking the time needed … Read More

Pool Closing Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, with the cooling temperatures, it’s time once again to close your pool for the year. You know how important it is to close your pool correctly, or you will end up with an algae infested lake by the end of the winter. Read on for essential tips and tricks to help you safely close our pool this … Read More

Types of Algae Algae is a marine organism that multiplies rapidly in warm, sunny weather. It can enter a pool by wind, rain, or contaminated equipment and swimsuits. Algae thrives when chemicals are imbalanced in the pool.  Often this is due to poor circulation. While algae is not typically harmful to swimmers, it can be … Read More

If you’re considering providing your own maintenance for your at-home swimming pool, it’s important to know what you’re doing. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid when caring for your own swimming pool.

Many pool professionals will recommend opening your pool when daily temperatures consistently climb into the 70s during the day. This may seem early for some—especially if this weather is already hitting you in the month of April—but the truth is that there are many benefits to opening your pool sooner rather than later. Here are … Read More

Spas are made for enjoyment. However, part of that enjoyment usually involves having a clean spa, which unfortunately, involves a little bit of work. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a major chore though. With regular maintenance, you can spend more of your time in the water rather than cleaning it. All it takes is a … Read More

Spring is a great time to clean out all the winter dust and open the curtains to let in some sunshine and let out all the gloom!  Time to start packing up the winter coats and boots and start to bring out the shorts and bikinis.  Then you suddenly remember the pool is an eyesore … Read More