Have you ever spent a day in the pool only to come home with red, itchy eyes that burn? It is not that uncommon. In fact, most people believe that if their eyes are burning while swimming in a pool, it is due to the chlorine in the pool. Red, irritated eyes usually go hand … Read More

If you are like most Americans swimming is an essential part of the summer. From relaxing poolside to waterskiing, there is nothing quite like a summer spent next to the water. But as much as we love water, it is no secret that it can be dangerous especially for children. Let’s look at how swimming … Read More

Can a Hot Tub Help Your Workout?

Workouts and hot tubs have long been paired together. After all, isn’t that half the reason that gyms and rec centers feature hot tubs? Well, it’s true that hot tubs can provide benefits to your workout, but timing is essential. Although you’re probably tempted to slip into the hot tub immediately following your workout, there’s … Read More

Pool Safety During the Off Season

During your pool’s off-season, you’re probably not thinking about it much, and that’s the way it should be! However, if you’ve neglected to take certain safety measures over the winter, you could be risking damage and accident, even if no one is swimming in the pool.