Hot Tub Tips

Save Money on Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a wonderful addition to any backyard.  However, you can rack up a rather large energy bill if you’re not careful.  Read on for tips and tricks to help you save money while running your hot tub.  

You just got a new hot tub and your children are begging you to let them play in it.  However, you need to make your child’s safety your top priority.  Hot tubs are not safe for children, especially if they are unsupervised. Below are some safety tips that you need to follow to keep your … Read More

Pool Closing Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, with the cooling temperatures, it’s time once again to close your pool for the year. You know how important it is to close your pool correctly, or you will end up with an algae infested lake by the end of the winter. Read on for essential tips and tricks to help you safely close our pool this … Read More