Public pools have done it. Most pool owners have done it. We have done it. If you are like the majority of us, you probably have put too much chlorine into your pool. As you have probably guessed it, it is not very uncommon among the pool community. But, is too much chlorine in your … Read More

POOL CALCULATOR The Pool Calculator app does all the complex pool calculations for you. It tells you the exact amount of chemicals you need to keep your hot tub balanced. All you have to do is input the volume of your hot tub and your current chemical test results. POOL CLOUD The Pool Cloud helps … Read More

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean in Utah Keeping your swimming pool clean can be a difficult and nagging task. Follow these simple steps to make it easy. Don’t swim if you have stomach problem or diarrhea. Although this sounds obvious, you’d be surprised how many people swim when they are not feeling well. Without being … Read More

INVENTORYTake an inventory and stock up on all your chemicals and supplies early Spring. You’ll be much happier doing this before the season starts—it will save you a lot of time. POOL COVERClear any leaves and debris off your pool cover to save yourself a lot of work. Clearing off the cover will be much … Read More

Above Ground Pool Maintenance Guide Maintaining an above ground pool can seem like tedious work, cost money and take extra time out of your day, but it’s extremely important. You have to be sure that your pool is safe and clean for everyone. It may take some work, but you’ll surely enjoy the benefits of … Read More

Pools – Inground vs. Above-Ground

Life is full of important questions. Democrat or Republican? Ketchup or mustard? The Beatles or Elvis? None, however, are as important as the question we’ll address here, today. Inground or above-ground swimming pool? It seems like such a simple question, but there are many factors involved. Fortunately, the pool builders in Utah, Intermountain Aquatech, have … Read More

Pool Safety During the Off Season

During your pool’s off-season, you’re probably not thinking about it much, and that’s the way it should be! However, if you’ve neglected to take certain safety measures over the winter, you could be risking damage and accident, even if no one is swimming in the pool.

Pool Closing Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, with the cooling temperatures, it’s time once again to close your pool for the year. You know how important it is to close your pool correctly, or you will end up with an algae infested lake by the end of the winter. Read on for essential tips and tricks to help you safely close our pool this … Read More

When Should I Close My Pool For the Summer?

It seems that the summer dream of kicking back and relaxing by the poolside is coming to a close.  The weather is getting cooler, and in less than a month, we might even have a snow storm.  But what does that mean for your pool?  How long should you keep it open, and at what … Read More

How to Care for Your Swimsuit

If you’re like most people, you just toss your swimsuit in the washer and dryer without a second thought.  A few weeks later, though, you’re confused at why it’s stretched out and snagged in different places.  In order to ensure that your suit lasts as long as possible, it is important to properly care for … Read More