Hot Tub Tips

Why You Should Always Bathe Before Hot Tubbing

You’ve heard the caution a hundred times “Swimmers should bathe before entering the hot tub.”  You may bathe after you use the hot tub, but how many times have you actually bathed before entering?  Most people will answer never – unless it was a coincidence.  While the chemicals in the pool do a good job … Read More

Hot Tubbing Can Help You Sleep Better

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?  Does your tossing and turning make you feel more tired in the morning?  132 million Americans have sleep problems, affecting their everyday lives.  Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain, accidents at work and while driving, make you irritable, make it harder to concentrate, and weaken … Read More

Hot Tubs: Your Personal Hydrotherapy

Very few people would say no if they were asked “Want to go hot tubbing tonight?”  (Unless, of course you were asked by someone you didn’t know, or you had a previous engagement that you could not break.)  The idea of slipping into a warm, relaxing hot tub sounds like absolute bliss: the warm water … Read More

Don’t Buy A Used Hot Tub Until You Read This!

You’ve seen it before.  The used hot tub on KSL or Craigslist that for some reason, is less than $100. They say they just don’t use it anymore, or that it just needs “a little bit of work”. The price is so tempting, and it looks like it’s in good enough condition, why not buy … Read More