Backyard Barbecue

Swim into March Madness this Winter

Intermountain Aquatech’s argument for indoor pools Having fun in the winter shouldn’t be limited to snow-filled activities. This winter, bust out the swimsuit and hold a March Madness pool party. Not only does swimming provide a great workout for your entire body but it also reduces the ‘winter blues’ by reducing mental stress according to … Read More

Pool Safety During the Off Season

During your pool’s off-season, you’re probably not thinking about it much, and that’s the way it should be! However, if you’ve neglected to take certain safety measures over the winter, you could be risking damage and accident, even if no one is swimming in the pool.

When Should You Open Your Pool?

You’re probably wondering, as many pool owners do, when the best time to open your pool is.  Of course you don’t want to open your pool too early and risk freezing your lines, but you also don’t want to open it too late and discover that your pool is an ugly black algae lagoon.  So … Read More

Backyard Pool Ideas

It is now time to start planning your background pool!  There are hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from for your personal backyard pool.  Below are six popular pool types that you can install in your backyard this spring! Traditional Rectangle If you like to use your pool for exercise, the traditional rectangle … Read More

Benefits of Owning a Private Pool

Many people would be tickled to have a private pool in their backyard.  Private pools are a delight in so many ways!  If you are debating whether or not you should install a pool in your backyard, read on for the top 5 reasons that you should own a backyard pool.   Control When you … Read More

Building a Small Pool

Would you like to build a pool in your backyard, but have limited landscaping?  There are options to put swimming pools in even the smallest of locations.  With a little creativity and a lot of planning, you can put a pool in your backyard too.   Types of Small Pools Rectangle Pools If you’d like … Read More

Spring is the perfect time to install a new pool in your yard.  As you prepare your home and family for your swimming pool, there are many things to think about.  Read below for 8 things to consider as you prepare yourself for your new installation! Understand the Cost Owning a swimming pool is a … Read More

#TBT Summer Pool Adventures

In the middle of January, it seems like the summer will never come back.  The cold weather and endless snow seems to kill all hopes of the warmth and joy of the summer months.  While it may seem bleak and depressing, think back, and remember last summer and how wonderful it was.  Campfires, barbecues, picnics, … Read More

Planning your dream pool?  Check out these 9 unique features that you wouldn’t want to forget to include!   Infinity Pool Whether you have an amazing view or just want to add a fun feature, an infinity pool overhang is perfect for you.  The illusion that your pool flawlessly drops into the surrounding area makes … Read More