Hot Tub Tips

Today we’re sharing some more tips for one of the best hot tub activities: conversation games. Conversation games require nothing but you and your friends. A fun atmosphere to chat and share is also a must, and the hot tub is the perfect place! Last time we talked about Truth or Dare, Dealbreaker, and Never … Read More

Conversation Games for Hot Tubs (Part 1)

There’s something about the hot tub that creates an intimate, congenial atmosphere. Some of the best conversations that I’ve had have been in hot tubs. Especially when it’s dark outside, it kind of has the slumber party effect, where you feel safe and brave about sharing more about yourself. If you haven’t experienced the magic … Read More

The colder months are setting in, which means that it’s prime hot tub season! You bought your home spa so that you could relax and spend time with friends and family luxuriating in the great outdoors in comfort. And while a hot tub in and of itself is really cool, an awesome new accessory can … Read More