Fun Facts

Pool Filtration: Chlorine vs. Salt

You’ve probably heard amazing things about the “new” salt water pool system (they’ve been around since the 1980’s), how they don’t dry out your skin, never burn your eyes, and feel like ocean bliss.  But are they really better? Salt water pools are not technically chlorine free, as the filtration systems convert the salt in … Read More

Hot Tubs and Pregnancy

The idea of kicking back in your hot tub after a long day on your swollen feet may sound like paradise for a pregnant woman.  But the caution of every warning sign rings in your ears “pregnant women should consult physician before entering the spa”.  Is this something you should heed?  What are the reasons … Read More

Financial Costs of Owning a Swimming Pool

Besides the upfront cost to purchase and install a pool, there are a lot of monthly costs associated with pool ownership that most people don’t think about.  There are electricity costs associated with heating the pool, chemical expenses, maintenance and more.  It is important to be aware of monthly costs associated with owning a pool … Read More

Pets in the Hot Tub

You finally take the cover off of your hot tub after waiting for it to heat up to the perfect temperature of 102℉.  You have been awaiting this moment from the second you pressed “Shut Down” on your work computer and left the office.  The jets bubble a siren song, gently calling your name. Trying … Read More